Updated: 09/22/2015
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Welcome Volunteers!

Volunteers are the backbone of the Green Mountain Club and the Long Trail - Without them the Long Trail would not have been built nor would it be managed as it is today. Volunteers serve on committees and blaze and maintain not only the trail but the Club's spirit as well. There are hundreds of interesting volunteer opportunities in the office or on the trail.

On the Trail - Trail volunteers build, relocate, and design trails, clear waterbars, and repair shelters and trail structures. Volunteers can join a GMC Section for maintenance activities, serve on a trail committee, work with the Long Trail Patrol trail crew, volunteer as a caretaker, become a trail or shelter adopter, monitor Long Trail lands, or lead interpretive hikes.

In the Office - Office volunteers assist in all aspects of GMC program areas including publications, fundraising, grant writing, membership development, office management and more. They also work in the Marvin B.Gameroff Hiker Center answering trail information requests and making retail sales.

To volunteer at the GMC, fill out the online Volunteer Application form. You can also email the Green Mountain Club's Membership and Volunteer Coordinator.

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