Updated: 02/04/2015
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Wheeler Pond Camps

Beaver Dam and Hadsel/Mares Camps, Northeast Kingdom
Located in Barton, Vermont,  both camps are available for rent year-round  



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Guidelines for Wheeler Pond Cabin Use

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Beaver Dam: 540 square feet downstairs with bunks for 4, sleeping loft for 4 upstairs (guests supply their own sleeping pads). Uninsulated. Separate sleeping area. Kitchen/living/dining space is shared. Kitchen has small wash buckets for dish cleanup. Indoor wood storage. East facing porch contains additional table space for dining. Beaver Dam is pictured above on left.

650 square feet downstairs with bunks for 6, sleeping loft for 2 upstairs (guests supply their own sleeping pads). Uninsulated. Main living area. Separate kitchen. Kitchen sink w/ gray water bucket. Limited indoor wood storage. North facing porch. Hadsel/Mare is pictured above on right.



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Guest Comments from the Wheeler Pond Logbook: 

. . . arrived early evening in time for some to canoe and kayak . . . beautiful sunset . . . pink, white & purple puffs sitting on Wheeler Mountain . .

. . . morning here is magical . . . the changing light plays on the mountains and pond, transforming the view moment to moment . . .

. . . the cabin, the pond, the mountains, the forest have barely changed over the years . . . we see the herons, the loons, beaver, moose . . .

. . . a light breeze passes by me every once in a while, carrying a delicious smell of morning dew, grass, and earth . . .

. . . our first time here . . . kayaked on the pond under the full moon & hiked the red trail up Wheeler Mountain . . . humbled by the vistas, the color . . .

. . . woke up to bright sunshine and snowshoed around the pond . . . we really love this place and will be back!

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Other Recreational Opportunities:

Ice climbing, fishing, hunting, paddling, swimming, biking (road/mountain), XC ski touring, and lift-service downhill skiing.

Wood stoves in both cabins. Wood is provided.

Guest provided – bring your own headlamps, flashlights and/or enclosed gas or candle lanterns. No open flames please and please be extremely careful.

Guest provided – bring your own portable camp stove. For safety please use stoves outdoors whenever possible.

No potable supply. In winter: melt snow. In summer: haul in water or treat pond water.


None; cell coverage spotty.

Driving directions are supplied when you make your reservation. If you do not have a reservation, please respect the privacy of guests and do not go to the camps. There is a small parking area for two vehicles per cabin at the trail that leads one tenth of a mile in to the camps. The parking area is plowed in winter. The camps parking area is for overnight guests with reservations only. A public parking lot for day-use is located 0.5 miles north of the camps on the right at the Moose Mountain and Wheeler Pond Trailhead.

Approx. 1500'

Date Built:
Early 1970’s

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