Updated: 08/28/2013
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Trail Updates, Relocations, and Summit Weather

No other resource takes the place of an up-to-date map!  Trails change and mapping technology improves, so even a map that is 5 years old may misinform you.  We always recommend bringing a current map of the area you will hike along with your other hiking gear and clothing basics.  Click here to browse GMC's online store for other guidebooks, maps, and gear!


Mountain Point Forecast gives you real-time weather reports on Vermont Peaks

Trail Updates

Portions of the Long Trail that are closed:

  • The Long Trail/Appalachian Trail in Shrewsbury between [Lower] Cold River Road and Governor Clement Road is closed with a clearly signed roadwalk detour.
  • "Spruce Peak South" is listed on the USFS website as CLOSED is referring to the snowmobile trail only. The hiking trail (the Long Trail) is open.

The Long Trail System side trails that remain officially closed are:

  • Chittenden Brook Trail
  • Clark Brook Trail
  • Cooley Glen Trail is posted as closed but is expected to reopen this season
  • Bucklin Trail is now a river (until field crew fixes it Summer '12)
  • Old Job is CLOSED from FR 30 to the Lake Brook Bridge. The USFS is working on posting closed signs here.
  • Homer Stone Brook Trail is listed on the USFS website as CLOSED is referring to the snowmobile trail only. The hiking trail is open.

Road Closures:

  • Kelly Stand Road is closed to through traffic from the Arlington side. The side trails and Long Trail are not accessible via this route.

Portions of the Appalachian Trail are closed with marked detours:

  • Thundering Falls boardwalk
  • Gulf Stream crossing near Rt 12
  • Kent Brook crossing near Rt 100
  • Stony Brook bridge is out
  • City Stream bridge is out

With so many bridges out due to Tropical Storm Irene, you might find these river crossing tips from ATC helpful.


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