Updated: 12/19/2014
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Green Mountain Club Internships

Every year the Green Mountain Club offers stipended internship positions with a focus on living in the backcountry, using Leave No Trace skills, learning how to use hand tools and to find out about the magic of working in the field.  Remember that this is not an opportunity to live alone in the woods, but to actively participate in recreation management.  You will be interacting with the public – sometimes a lot. All interns participate in both our trail crew and caretaker orientations in order to understand the scope of the whole Trails Program. During orientation, you’ll receive free Wilderness First Aid and CPR certification, and you’ll participate in extensive Leave No Trace training.  After orientation and couple weeks in the field, your internship will focus on one of three major themes: Trail Construction, Backcountry Caretaking or Outdoor Leadership

Summer internships run from mid-June to mid-August, and fall internships run from mid-August to mid-October. Interns are provided with a living stipend and have the opportunity to receive an Americorps Education Award following their completed internship. Interns spend five days a week in the field, and are provided with free off-day housing.  You must be at least 18 to participate in an internship.

We can tailor internships to coincide with service learning credits as needed. If you have specific requirements for your internship please inform us of them as soon as possible. 


 Trail Construction

You will spend your time working with the Long Trail Patrol (LTP) on trail projects around the state.  You work on discreet projects that can be completed in 2-4 weeks.  You set up a spike camp each week and hike to the work site from there.  You live in a tent, cook under a kitchen tarp, use your food bucket as a seat and do a lot of manual labor.  You will carry loads of 40+ lbs to the spike site and/or the work site.  The terrain is steep and unforgiving in some locations.  Be prepared to work in all weather including extreme heat and cold rain. 

You will work on crew of five people.  You will be living and working in close quarters for the duration of your work, and the ability to work with other people to accomplish a shared goal is necessary for you to a have a positive experience.  Projects include building rock staircases, native puncheon, box steps and occasionally cutting new tread.  You also may end up participating in an odd job, such as moving a pit privy, if necessary.  All work is done using mainly hand tools – pick, rock bar, ax, shovel, etc.  Apply Now!


Backcountry Caretaking

You will spend your time working on the tallest mountain in Vermont, Mount Mansfield.  Your focus will be summit caretaking with an opportunity to stay at an overnight site with a caretaker.  Working on the summit means patrolling a 2-mile open ridgeline and having a lot of quick, positive interactions with the public and educating them, when necessary, about the fragile alpine ecosystem that they are visiting.  The more you learn about the alpine ecosystem and the natural history of Mansfield the more enriching these interactions will be for you and the visitor.  We have a number of resources to assist you in this, including an Alpine Ridgeline Walk with the State Botanist during orientation. 

On top of this educational component you will also participate in trail and shelter maintenance on Mansfield.  This includes clipping back branches, clearing water bars and brushing in social trails.  You will use hand tools including clippers, hazel hoes, hand saws and axes. You have the opportunity to learn about backcountry waste management. You work with a group of about 5 caretakers to maintain trails, educate hikers and accomplish other tasks as needed. You should be prepared to carry loads of 40+ lbs on your back.  The terrain is steep and unforgiving in some locations.  Be prepared to work in all weather including extreme heat and cold rain. You will live on Mount Mansfield for five days a week.  Apply Now!


Outdoor Leadership

You will spend your time working with the Volunteer Long Trail Patrol on the Long Trail/Appalachian Trail in southern Vermont.  VLTP is a trail crew led by two paid staff and composed of volunteers from all over the US and the world.  It is an exciting opportunity to learn trail skills as well as how to lead a group of people.  You will have the opportunity to scout projects with the leaders, do food planning and shopping, set up a spike camp, figure out logistics and more.  Each week there are new volunteers that need to be taught how to pack their pack, set up a spike site, Leave No Trace skills, proper tool use, trail building skills and more. You may also get the opportunity to work with southern GMC field staff in maintaining 100 miles of shared LT/AT and over 30 shelters and privies near it. The Green Mountain Club works closely with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and the Green Mountain National Forest in its maintenance of this section, and you may have the opportunity to meet and work closely with agency partners. Apply Now!


More questions?  Contact:

Kevin Hudnell, Field Supervisor: khudnell@greenmountainclub.org


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