Updated: 08/27/2015
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End-to-End and Side-to-Side on the Long Trail

"To the creators of the Long Trail past and present I thank you and I curse you."

 -- Hal Goldman, End-to-End Journal

 "We laughed about mountains without names, and named mountains without any obvious tops and obvious mountain tops without signs, and trying to figure out when we were at the top of whatever it was we were suppose to be climbing."

 -- Cathy Frank, End-to-End Journal

 "At some moment during the trek, I wondered if I would be happy the day I reached the Canadian line, or if I'd feel dull and letdown because there was no trail left to do. Sure enough, my last hiking day was not my best. I found myself wanting the trail to continue . . . It's an old truism, I guess: the enjoyment is in the going more than in the goal..."

 -- Anonymous End-to-End Hiker

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Side-to-Side Hiking

Hiking the entire 273 miles of the Long Trail, from the Massachusetts to the Canadian border, is a unique and wonderful experience. People of all ages and backgrounds can be found amongst the list of Long Trail end to enders. Many do it in one hike, taking anywhere from 20 to 30 days. Still others take 20 years to complete the 273 mile trek. Most hikers hike from shelter to shelter stringing together many hiking days at a time. Others complete the trail by taking only day hikes. There is no prescribed mode for doing it, only that you cover the entire length of the trail on foot.

Anyone seriously contemplating such a hike should consider utilizing two essential books, The Long Trail Guide and the End to Ender's Guide, and The Long Trail Map (waterproof), all published and sold by the Green Mountain Club. The Green Mountain Club also holds a panel discussion each spring for those people who would like to learn more about hiking end to end. The panelists are a diverse group of people who have hiked the entire trail in various ways and are a wealth of information for would be end to enders.

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