Updated: 08/27/2015
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End-to-End FAQ's

How long does it take to through-hike the Long Trail? 

The average time estimated is 26 to 30 days.  Some hike faster and some slower, so we suggest everyone study the Long Trail Guide to figure out their own personal estimated time.

How many certified Long Trail End-to-End hikers are there?

More than 3100 hikers have received their End-to-End certification.  You should be next!  End-to-End Certification

When is the best time to do an End-to-End hike?

To avoid the black flies, the crowds, and the heat you might want to plan your hike for late summer or early fall.  But many do their hike starting in June and just tolerate the bugs, the crowds, the heat and sometimes the rain.  It will mostly depend on when you have enough time off!  Regardless of when you hike, the Long Trail will no doubt offer you a life time experience.

What resources are available for planning an End-to-End hike?

In planning your End-to-End hike you should have on hand a copy of the Long Trail Guide , the End to Ender's Guide and the Long Trail Map.  All three of these are great resources for your planning.  The End-to-Ender’s Guide is published biennially in early Spring to reflect the most up-to-date information.  Keep in mind that it would be prudent to call any business you plan on using prior to leaving for your hike just to make sure the printed information is still accurate.  The Long Trail Guide was most recently published in 2007 and you can find updates on trail relocations and shelter changes here.  You may also want to subscribe to, e-Blaze, GMC's email newsletter.

How do I get in touch with an End-to-End mentor?

Email us at gmc(at)greenmountainclub(dot)org and we will send your email address on to one of our great End-to-End mentors!  Mentors are End-to-End hikers who volunteer their time sharing their knowledge and experience with others.  You can also call us and we can pass your phone number on to a mentor.

How do I plan transportation at the beginning/end of my End-to-End hike?

The End to Ender's Guide will list many transportation options that we know of – public transportation, businesses and private parties that will shuttle people to and from trail heads.  The northern section of Vermont is very rural and there is currently no public transportation in that region.  But don't despair, there is plenty of trail magic floating around!  Call the GMC at 802-244-7037 x111 for other possible transportaion options.

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