Welcome to Long Trail Bound!

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What is Long Trail Bound?
Long Trail Bound is a resource for hands-on activities created by the Green Mountain Club that will teach students of all ages about the mountain environment and prepare them for a hike in Vermont’s Green Mountains. The activities are designed to be used in many different learning settings from the classroom, to the home, to the trail. They are divided into three categories:

  • Outdoor Skills - These activities introduce participants to the basic skills needed to prepare for a day hike such as; how to prepare for a hike, what to wear on a hike, what to bring and what to eat on a hike. Find Outdoor Skills Activities here.
  • Mountain Ecosystems - These activities will introduce students to the unique mountain ecosystem from understanding elevation to learning the connected relationship of animals and plants to the mountain landscape. Find Outdoor Skills Activities here.
  • Fostering Stewardship and Sense of Place - These activities will build upon the student’s understanding of the fragile mountain environment and begin to develop a sense of place and care for the mountains where they live. Find Stewardship and Sense of Place Activities here.

12 Responses to Welcome to Long Trail Bound!

  1. Steve Berg says:

    Pleaae keep me informed. Sounds like a great program!

  2. David J. Pleau says:

    I am originally from Maine, lived for many years in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and have an uncle and his family who have lived in Vermont for his whole career. I have always enjoyed the serenity and beauty of the Green Mountains, and have hiked alot of the Appalachian Trail. I have been to the top of Mt. Katahdin 3 times, Mount Washington many times, Mt Adams (with the three shelters) many times, Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine, Mt. Cammerer (White Rock) which has a restored fire watch tower in East Tennessee, Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina twice, and of course various valleys and glens in between. Usually I would go with friends on 3 day weekends, and every time the hiking/camping proved to be an adventure. What does it take to become a member of the Green Mountain Club?
    David J. Pleau

  3. Roger Poor says:

    Check out our website and click on the Northern Forest Explorers tab in the right margin. Seems like we could share some ideas and maybe partner on some initiatives. Let me know and thanks!
    - Roger Poor, Director
    (603) 801 – 9597 cell

    • Long Trail Bound says:

      Thanks Roger! I just checked out your page – it looks like you have some great programs! I posted your website on our related links page – we would also love to connect to share ideas. We’ll be in touch!

  4. Megan says:

    What activity to you suggest to get us started–for a family of first time hikers? We are new to Vermont. Thanks!

    • Long Trail Bound says:

      I would definitely suggest “Going for the Gorp” under the Outdoor Skills category. It’s important for hikers to understand how much and what they should be eating on the trail – and, it’s fun to come up with a family GORP recipe to make together before all your hiking adventures!

  5. Charlie Cummings says:

    Thank you so much for this site!! I teach 3rd grade in Arlington, and every year struggle to fin interesting and relevant ways to teach my students about Vermont, history, and conservation. As an end-to-ender myself, I’ve been working on ways to use the LT and its magic to engage my students!!

    • Long Trail Bound says:

      Thanks Charlie for your excitment!! Activities from this site and stories from your end-to-end journey are a perfect fit for a dynamic classroom experience. Let us know which activities you and your students like best!

  6. Daniel Rosenthal says:

    Is there a Long Trail Bound professional development workshop for teachers? What are the dates, times, and location(s)? What is the cost? Thanks!

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